How does Omni handle security deposits?


For some rental items, Omni charges a temporary security deposit. The deposit amount varies depending on both the type of item and how long you rent it for.

On the checkout page, you'll always see any applicable security deposit amount listed under the total price of your order. You’ll be charged the security deposit amount in addition to the rental fee.

You can expect your deposit to be refunded within 3 days of dropping off your rental, unless the store has filed a claim on the rental.

If a claim is filed, we'll put a hold on the security deposit while our claims team reviews documentation to verify any damage claims. We'll be in communication with you during the whole process and collect documentation from you as well. If we determine that a claims payout is necessary, we'll send that amount to the store, and refund the remainder of the deposit back to you.

Depending on how long your bank takes to process payments, you should see these funds processed back into your account within 3-7 business days.

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