What is Omni's cancellation policy?


We understand that sometimes plans change. We can’t control the weather, or transportation issues, and sometimes you have to postpone your big weekend adventure due to unexpected circumstances.

For any reason that you no longer plan on renting with us, we ask that you cancel your rental order as soon as possible. This way we can make sure the item(s) will be available on our marketplace for someone else and notify our partners that you will no longer be renting.

If you do need to cancel your rental for any reason, you can do so without any penalty up until the store's operating hours end on the date of your pickup. But once the start period has passed, you will then be marked as a “No Show.” You’ll be unable to pick up your rental and will need to reach out to our Customer Success team with any additional questions or information regarding the order. Read more about our "No Show" policy here.

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