What happens if I damage or lose rental items?


At Omni, we expect our renters to return all rented items in the same condition they were received in. However, we understand that accidents happen.

When you rent an item, we'll show you any applicable security deposit amount during checkout. You'll be charged the security deposit amount in addition to your rental fee. Three days after your rental is completed, we'll process a full refund of the security deposit, unless the partner store has filed a claim on the rental. Depending on who you bank with, it will take an additional 3-7 days to see the funds posted back in your account.

If a claim is filed, we'll put a hold on the security deposit while our team reviews documentation to verify any damage claims. We'll be in communication with you during this whole process and collect documentation from you as well. If we determine that a claims payout is necessary, we'll send that amount to the store, and refund the remainder of the deposit back to you. In the event that we determine that an amount greater than the security deposit is owed, Omni does reserve the right to charge you those additional funds.

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