How do I use XRP to pay for rentals on Omni?


Omni now accepts XRP as a payment option for renters!

To fund your account using XRP, log in and click on your avatar in the upper right corner. From this menu, click Account.


Once you're on your account page, you will see the option to Fund with XRP under Payment Method.


Clicking the Fund with XRP checkbox will enable you to deposit XRP - a window will pop up with both a plaintext address and QR code to deposit XRP.



As mentioned in the deposit window, XRP is immediately converted to Omni Credits in USD at the Coinbase exchange rate, courtesy of Nomics. It is ESSENTIAL that the Deposit tag is included in your XRP transaction. Failure to include this tag will result in the loss of funds sent to the XRP address.

It should be noted that this is a one-way transaction. Omni does not currently offer the ability to withdraw XRP.

Once you have deposited funds via XRP, browse the marketplace and select the items you would like to rent as usual. When prompted for payment information at checkout, select Omni Credits and the funds you deposited via XRP can then be used to pay for your rental. These funds will appear as Omni Credits and will be used towards your rental. Yay!


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